July 08, 2010

Make a 'Life in a Day' Video for your business YouTube has an ambitious project underway for 24 July: film what's happening in your life, and contribute it to a movie (like a time capsule) being produced by Ridley Scott. Sounds great, and most cameras and phones can record video. Kevin McDonald, the director, asks us to focus on several topics: What do you fear; What do you love; What makes you laugh; and finally, film what's in your pocket. But there's something simpler that could be done - using those themes, take lots of photos of the 'Life in Your Day' at your restaurant, cafe, bar, school or wherever, then choose the best 50 or so and put them together into a slide-show movie with a sound track. Apple's iMovie, Windows Moviemaker or the free online service Animoto can do this in a snap, and there are keen staff who would love to assist. Start with waking up, opening up, staff arriving, first customers, cooks at work, grumpy delivery drivers, mistakes and laughter, lots of emotions...right through to closing and putting the bins out. Encourage people to use their phones for spontaneous pictures, and share some cameras around. Have everyone lined up showing what's in their pockets! Offer your own prize for best or funniest picture. And remember one of the rules for successful digital photography: take 20 pictures and throw away 15, keeping just the best. Contribute to the competition, and add it to your own YouTube channel - if you don't have one, here's a great way to start! Here's Kevin McDonald talking about his vision for the movie:

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